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The WSJ Pro Executive Forum packed in short sessions with small panels and a lot of punch.
January 2020

Now that lawyers have essentially become risk managers as well as legal guardians, they need to embrace the technical challenges of helping their companies secure their data.
December 2019

An in-house lawyer who leads his company’s cybersecurity program explains how to do that.
November 2019

Now a Big Law partner, a lawyer draws from his years in-house and from running his own firm.
October 2019
General counsel are often well positioned to play a leading role in the process.
October 2019    

The first graduates of NYU’s interdisciplinary master’s program discuss how it went—and whether it was worth the price.
October 2019
The California Legislature finally passed amendments, and now the new privacy law is creeping ever closer.
September 2019
In the uncertain world of cybersecurity, collaborating is more important than ever.
August 2019

The FBI wants companies to understand that there’s no downside to working with them—before or after a cyberattack.
July 2019

One appeal of moving in-house was that he wanted to be involved in advocating for an industry, and he more than got his wish.
July 2019

Prepare for a bumpy road ahead as we motor into 2020 and beyond.
June 2019

After lots of planning, the public launch was an annual conference.
May 2019

She didn’t have the usual background or aspirations, but somehow that didn’t stop her.
April 2019

A chief security officer discusses the importance of communicating with the lawyers and establishing terms of art for cybersecurity.
April 2019

Failing to do so is asking for trouble, and it can arrive in the guise of a coffee maker.
APRIL 2019

A webinar takes a close look at a large and growing area of cyber crime.
March 2019

A year later, a lawyer talks about what he learned battling the largest known attack that crippled the infrastructure of an American city.
March 2019

There was a lot of information and a little bit of drama (for some).
February 2019

Seven Cybersecurity Challenges for General Counsel to Keep Top of Mind
These areas are sure to be important in 2019.
February 2019

We brought back the expert we talked to early last year to rewind and fast-forward.
January 2019

A former federal prosecutor advises companies with the benefit of what he learned.
January 1, 2019

A Cybersecurity Class Gets Real
Students learn to view the issues through the eyes of a company in crisis.
December 2018

Preparing Companies to Counter Cyberattacks
A former prosecutor uses tabletop exercises to help clients build ‘response muscles.’
December 2018

Before and After the Breach
An ABA webinar served up a cyber scenario, but the panelists also examined the causes and the aftermath.
November 2018

Cybersecurity Wake-Up Webinars
The ABA offers information designed to protect companies (and law firms) from the ever-shifting onslaught.
October 2018

Preparing Lawyers for Careers in Cybersecurity
Tapping into multidisciplinary instruction, law schools provide students with the kind of background they need.
October 2018

Keeping the Lights On
An electric company’s ‘gym’ helps train corporations to defend themselves against cyberattacks.
September 2018

She’s All In at the ABA
For lawyers who focus on cybersecurity, there’s a wealth of resources.
August 2018

Florida Adopted Mandatory CLEs in Tech. Where Are the Followers?
Most states agree that lawyers must be competent in this area, but training is optional.
June 2018

Add This to Your Cybersecurity Reading List
Cisco’s annual report is comprehensive and also accessible to lawyers.
April 2018