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With uncertainty roiling insurance coverage in this area, it’s time for action.
January 2010

Having spent her career working on systems security metrics, an expert is stunned to hear that what she does can’t be done.
January 2010

The WSJ Pro Executive Forum packed in short sessions with small panels and a lot of punch.
January 2020

One man is on a quest to bring rigor to the discipline. He hopes he isn’t alone.
December 2019

A president’s adviser and an old iPhone lead to serious questions.
November 2019

An in-house lawyer who leads his company’s cybersecurity program explains how to do that.
November 2019

Now a Big Law partner, a lawyer draws from his years in-house and from running his own firm.
October 2019
The first graduates of NYU’s interdisciplinary master’s program discuss how it went—and whether it was worth the price.
October 2019    

They should be key players in the process.
September 2019

In the uncertain world of cybersecurity, collaborating is more important than ever.
August 2019

No surprise what their biggest concerns are: data breaches and data privacy.
May 2019

The NCFTA gets both sides to sign on and then puts them together in a room to share information on cybersecurity.
May 2019

After lots of planning, the public launch was an annual conference.
May 2019

She didn’t have the usual background or aspirations, but somehow that didn’t stop her.
April 2019

A report released by a U.S. Senate committee helped identify cybersecurity lessons that other companies should learn.
April 2019

A chief security officer discusses the importance of communicating with the lawyers and establishing terms of art for cybersecurity.
April 2019

Failing to do so is asking for trouble, and it can arrive in the guise of a coffee maker.
APRIL 2019

A veteran lawyer recounts the challenges he’s experienced over the past quarter-century. Part 2
March 2019

A veteran lawyer recounts the challenges he’s experienced over the past quarter-century. Part 1
February 2019

A former federal prosecutor advises companies with the benefit of what he learned.
January 2019

Designing How Cyber Lawyers and IT Professionals Interact
Many people agree that the partnership could work better. Here’s a proposal to show the way.
October 2018

A Call To Empower CISOs
And why they should be joined at the hip with the general counsel.
September 2018

The Techies Who Defend Cybersecurity’s Bottom Line
A woman recounts her surprising rise to the role of CISO, and provides insight into what one needs to succeed.
September 2018