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A cybersecurity report from the outgoing leadership will surprise those who expected a bloated tome that was outdated on delivery.
January 2019

A Cybersecurity Class Gets Real
Students learn to view the issues through the eyes of a company in crisis.
December 2018

Preparing Companies to Counter Cyberattacks
A former prosecutor uses tabletop exercises to help clients build ‘response muscles.’
December 2018

Before and After the Breach
An ABA webinar served up a cyber scenario, but the panelists also examined the causes and the aftermath.
November 2018

Could a Cyberattack Lead to Absolute Liability?
A litigator wonders whether hacking, driverless cars and product liability laws could transport us there.
July 2018

A New Protocol to Counter Cyberattacks in International Arbitration
The drafters are seeking comments from in-house counsel.
July 2018

Working With the Government After a Breach
Four tips that companies should follow to maximize the benefits.
June 2018